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Daytrip to Koblenz and return

Cruise from Koblenz to Alken

Tuesday 01 January 2019, 13:30 - 16:30

This cruise starts at the New Year's Day from Koblenz with lock-passage to Oberfell (approx. 4.10 pm) oder Alken (approx 4.20 pm) or Löf (approx. 4.30 pm).

Take a nice view from the boat to the German Corner, where the river Rhine meets the river Moselle and see the statue of emporer Kaiser Wilhelm on the horse.

And have a good time while you see the Moselle-landscape with the terrace, the steep slopes and the wine-growing areas of Lay, Winningen and Kobern.
 Go through one of the highest motorway-bridges of Germany, see the castles, Kobern, the watercastle of Gondorf and take a look when we go trought the 2 locks (in Koblenz and Lehmen).

If you depart a little bit earlier in Koblenz you can show the oldtown, the cable car through the River Rhine to the castle Ehrenbreitstein with amazing panorama views over Koblenz.

Date        Tuesday, 1. January 2019

Departure:    1.30 pm from Koblenz     Deutsches Eck

Arrival:      in Oberfell approx. 4.10 pm*         in Alken approx. 4.20pm*

                    in Löf ca. 4.30 pm* - on demand

* Geänderte Ankunftszeiten durch Schleusen möglich.


Heimat-Hafen Alken

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