Firework in Cochem

Sunday 25 August 2019, 18:30 - 00:00

Evening cruise to the Firework in Cochem and return – Cruise with lock-passage and to a super fireworks and return.

Unique views to the castle Reichsburg Cochem and super fireworks.

6.30 pm from Alken

6.35 pm from Löf
6.45 pm from Brodenbach
6.55 pm from Hatzenport
7.10 pm from Burgen

We are back in Burgen, Hatzenport, Bordenbach, Löf and Alken at approx. 24.00/0.30 o'clock (it depends from the lock an the end – time of the fireworks)

- tickets availabel


Heimat-Hafen Alken

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