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Great roundcruise - Sunday Morning (2 hours)

Sunday 24 October 2021, 09:45 - 12:10

Round cruise between Alken, Oberfell, the direction of Moselkern and return.

This trip takes you between Oberfell and Moselkern, approx. 2 hours. Show the beautiful regions of the Moselle.

Enjoy in summer time the sunbeams on the seats outside –  or in autumn the colourful vineyards

Sunday:  End of May - 31. October 2021


9.45 am Brodenbach
9.50 am Löf
10.00 am Alken
10.05 am Kattenes
10.10 am Oberfell

from the following villages is an departure/arrival possible (without coming-back):

10.30 am Hatzenport
10.50 am Burgen

Ticket price per person:    adult: 15 €          children 7-16 ages: 7.50 €.

Reservation enquiry  https://www.ms-goldstueck.de/index.php/de/reservierung

Heimat-Hafen Alken

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