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Nice to know

Tickets can be bought on board the ship. Please buy the tickets at the bottom bar without special request.
A card payment is not possible on board - all amounts ( fare and consumption) are to be paid in cash.

There is no fundamental right to certain seats.


All passengers have to follow the instructions of the skipper and the crew row.

The ship personnel may exclude passengers, without notice of a further journey, such as when it is used for security and / or safety of other passengers.

Each passenger has itself to make sure that he leaves the ship in time at the end of his cruise.

Passengers who want to get off earlier have to inform the crew about theire intention early (before! arriving the place).


Our fares are child friendly - only children accompanied by an adult older than 7 years have to pay a fare.

But please do not forget to supervise your children while driving.

Our youngest will find on board a "crate games".


When the cruise is going through a lock, it is possible that the arrivals / departure times are changed further after the lock (sooner or later is possible depending on lock-passage).


In the salons is Non smoking area. Smoking is only permitted on the open decks.

We offer hot and cold drinks, as well as at certain times also ice-cream.

There is no purchase required. Own food and drink are not allowed to be consumed on board.


Please inform yourself before starting the cruise, if you want to take large luggages, hospital wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, bicycles, because we only have a limited space for it.

For the accommodation of the crew can assign a specific site.


Disabled people are welcome, but the boat is not accessible by wheelchair (We have, for example, no elevators and no disabled toilets).

We ask our guests with disabilities who need assistance to bring an accompanying person, so that the supply is guaranteed in case of need.

Because not all landing stages are suitable for people with wheelchair, please consult us.

The staff help you with wheelchairs - If you have heavy whellchair please bring a person with you who can carry/lift this. Upon entry to the ship we have 2 steps downstairs to the lower saloon and 8 steps upstairs to the toilets.

We are no public transport in the sense of the law for the free transport of severely disabled people.


Dogs are allowed on board, if they do not endanger order and security of passengers and ship operations. They may not be accommodated on seats.

The ship's crew may preclude entrainment and further transport, without notice.


Because of force majeure, such as fog, ice, high or low water, breakdowns, blocking of waterways or locks or similar not verstretenden of us circumstances, may turn the boat trips, and shortened the route to be changed.

Our next departure:

Fri Dec 29 @14:00Uhr
Round trip (2 hours)
Sun Dec 31 @18:30Uhr
New Year's Eve
Mon Jan 01 @09:30Uhr
Single trip from Koblenz to Alken
Sat Mar 30 @09:20Uhr
Daytrip to Cochem Eastern
Sun Mar 31 @10:15Uhr
Round trip - Sunday (2 hours)