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Late-Afternoon round cruise

Late Afternoon Round Cruise (2 hours)

Saturday 11 September 2021, 15:40 - 18:25

Between Burgen, Alken, Oberfell the direction of Moselkern and return.

approx. 2 hours.

This is a pleasant area in one of the most scenic regions of the Moselle for enjoying a beverage at the end of the afternoon.

Enjoy in summer time the sunbeams on the seats outside –  or inside into the salons covered to the weather.

Saturday:  28th August - 11th September 2021

Departure:           Arrival:  
 3.40 pm*  from   Burgen   at 5.40* pm  
 4.00*     Hatzenport    


4.10*     Brodenbach    


4.15*     Löf     6.15*  
4.25*     Alken     6.25*  
4.30*     Kattenes     6.30*  
4.35*  from   Oberfell   at 6.35*  


 * The ship pass a lock before the departure-time. The times could be change.

We only stop at places where passengers have already hopped on before. If you would like to leave the cruise at an other place, please inform us directly at the beginning of the cruise.

Ticket price per person:    adult: 15 €          children 7-16 ages: 7.50 €

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Heimat-Hafen Alken

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