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About us

Our Ship - MS Goldstück

  • Width 7.50m
  • Length 35 m
  • 2 x 330 PS drive motors
  • Maximum permissible number of persons 300

For more than 35 years - already in the 2nd generations, you can discover with the passenger ship MS Goldstück the Moselle.

1984 acquired Mr. Nordmann a passenger ship, christened it the name Goldstück and started his program with round, evening tours and day trips.
Despite alterations corresponded to the vessel after a few years no longer meet the requirements and 1988 the construction of a new ship was decided.

After a very short period of only a good ½ year Pastor Engel blessed in March 1989 the ship and wished a safe journey.

The ceremonial baptism in the name of "Goldstück" was carried out by Mrs. Volkert, wife of the President of the Landtag of Rhineland-Palatinate. Afterwards the guests enjoyed in glorious sunshine the maiden voyage on the Moselle.

In 1993 the expansion of the upper salon.

Constant modernization and adaptation to the new rules for Rhine ships (fire extinguishing system into the engine room in November 2017, a new generator - for electrical engine- in November 2017 ) contribute to the safety and satisfaction of our guests.

We can help you in planning your journey and look forward to your inquiry.

Markus Reifferscheid and Silvia Pietsch

Our next departure:

Tue Oct 19 @09:00Uhr
Daytrip to Cochem (Di)
Wed Oct 20 @08:45Uhr
Trip to Koblenz and return
Sat Oct 23 @09:45Uhr
Great roundcruise - Saturday Morning (2 hours)
Sat Oct 23 @13:45Uhr
Round cruise - (1 1/2 hour)
Sun Oct 24 @09:45Uhr
Great roundcruise - Sunday Morning (2 hours)